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Monday, August 25, 2008

No Post in Long Time

Well, folks it has been way too long. So long that I almost thought for some weird reason my account had disappeared since I hadn't written a post in such a long time. Anyways, the reason being, I got a job. In the real world. A real world job. Which is awesome! I got an internship back during the summer of 2007, and got hired on shortly afterward. And, I can honestly say it has been a great experience. I work for a CFM, a public affairs, research and public relations firm. During my internship, I got to dabble with some interesting stuff, like helping to lobby on behalf of a measure that was at the federal level. Let's just say that was interesting. We went to pick up an old lady(old-people-calling was the extent of my help on this project while I was an intern), to take her to her member of congress in Salem to oppose the cuts to the measure. Well, turns out she had, ahem, problems with controlling some functions of the body, and to put it shortly, I wasn't sitting in the front seat on the drive back from Salem.

Also, my main work as an intern on the Tillamook Cheese account, and it still is. It has been an amazing learning experience and fun job overall. The people that I work with are great, and I've been able to travel to some unseen territory to represent Tillamook. Austin: very fun city, small liberal town in a big conservative state. Chicago: energy there was incredible - has an underground funk, yet slightly sophisticated feel to it. So much history and culture, definitely a city I will revisit. Aspen: beautiful and quite charming. Like Ashland, but in the mountains. Washington DC: I didn't travel there for Tillamook but was fortunate to travel to a city with so much history. Very business-ey and political. I didn't see one person wearing jeans in that city. And I was also careful to not wear my seersuckers. Park City: another beautiful city. Rolling meadows with lupines scattered everywhere, red and dark brown and purple mountains in the background. Not a city that I think I would care to live in, however. Seattle: of course I've been there before, but not for an event where I literally saw half of the city come out. The Bite of Seattle was the Pacific NW in a nutshell. Yuppies mixed with outdoorists, cyclists, naturlists, what ever. Just down to earth people.

So, that's where a majority of my time for about the past year has been spent, in a long-winded version.