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Monday, April 30, 2007


So this is blogging, huh? At first I really didn't know how I felt about creating a blog, letting people that I don't even know comment on my personal views, letting them have an insight to myself. But, then I realized that a lot of my personal information is already on the Internet, and many people already have easy access to my information if they really wanted it-so what am I worrying for? Also, owing to the knowledge of my current PR professor, Kelli Matthews, (for which this blog has been created) employers like that aspiring PR students are familiar with blogging and have some experience with it in one way or another. Maybe Myspace. Or Facebook. I'm excited that the future of journalism is obviously technology, and that I am familiarizing myself with what appears is going to be very valuable in the PR industry. I found on Kelli Matthew's blog PRos in training, to have some helpful advice for aspiring PR practitioners.
To introduce myself, I am senior at the University of Oregon, where I am currently studying public relations, and I plan on walking in June. I serve as the journalism/education senator for the Associated Students of the University of Oregon, (ASUO) where I have learned a lot-perhaps too much-about politics, but have also gained some valuable pr skills along the way. I recently helped to organize a friend's campaign for ASUO executive this year. It was pretty successful, up until the last week a very politically motivated tactic was used to our opponent's advantage, which showed me the true colors of politics which in many cases is owed to the ever-present political skirmishes that appears will always be present on any senate or political body.
But the additional experience that I received from organizing the campaign is valuable to any aspiring PR student, and I'm glad I had to opportunity to gain some additional PR knowledge outside of class time over the past two terms.
Well, that's enough about me! More posts will be sure to come in the near future...stay tuned!