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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Business Blogging On Its Way Out?

I have occasionally been reading Wieden + Kennedy's blog, "Welcome to Optimism" every now and then just to see what's new in the agency with a bunch of very talented advertisers, and according to one person who I met that works at the agency, describes it as "the shit."

This is the agency that has produced many influential campaigns to the especially-important consumer marketing group, Generation Y, such as the most recent media attention-grabbing "Hondamentalism" campaign that came out of Wieden + Kennedy's London agency. And a new term was coined. I like how in journalism we are so grammatically focused and nit-picky about our writing, but we can make up words just because it sounds cool.

As a journalism student at the University of Oregon, my advanced public relations class has done some extensive studying on corporate blogging. From what we've learned, the purpose of corporate blogging is to create a distribution/syndication platform that helps to build brand identity, support marketing and public relations objectives, and most importantly from a public relations standpoint, to build mutually beneficial relationships with the client and the agent.

Many other topics can be posted on business blogs, like on W+K's, a special post titled "Drama in the Office," but mainly blogs should be a medium in which a company can get feedback from clients and consumers in general. W+K did a great job on incorporating a little PR into its post about Hondamentalism.

In my opinion blogs are here to stay, even though there are some who claim they are already on their way out.

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Blogger red.circusgeek said...

Hey Ashley, I found your blog! I love it. It's extremely informative, captivating and appropriate in today's corporate environment.

I agree with you, blogging is not on it's way out! It's TOTALLY in!

Good Stuff! Keep writing. I know I will learn a lot from you.

February 23, 2008 at 8:27 AM  

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